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SuperLink China Direct

Airport Direct

Hacis E-Logistics Xystem (HEx)

What services does Hacis provide? And who can use Hacis services?
Hacis provides integrated logistics solutions to airlines and freight forwarders. Our two key services - Airport Direct and SuperLink China Direct – cover a wide range of service items that meet your on-airport operation needs and cater for your intermodal cargo delivery to/from major cities in China respectively.
What is the difference between Hacis and Hactl?
Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services Limited (Hacis) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl), providing logistics services which go above and beyond the conventional cargo terminal services.

Hactl handles freights for carriers at Master Air Waybill (MAWB) level within SuperTerminal 1; while Hacis can process your import and export cargo down to House Air Waybill level (HAWB), and arrange local cargo delivery to your warehouses in Hong Kong, as well as daily scheduled customs-bonded road feeder services to/from Southern China.

What are the advantages of Hacis over other logistic services providers?
Headquartered at SuperTerminal 1, Hacis has the unparalleled geographical advantage to handle your time-critical shipments at the heart of Hong Kong International Airport – one of the world’s business air cargo hubs, significantly shortening cargo processing time.

Like no other logistic service providers, Hacis shares the state-of-the-art terminal facilities with Hactl and has long-standing good relationship with airlines, thus handling your cargo with greater efficiency and flexibility.

Can Hacis handle my cargo from/to other cargo terminals?
Although we are Hactl’s subsidiary, Hacis’ services are not confined only to SuperTerminal 1 cargo. Hacis can collect your import cargo from any air cargo terminal at Hong Kong International Airport, and arrange local delivery to your warehouses in Hong Kong, or transship your shipment by road to China. We can also tender your export cargo to any air cargo terminal.
How is my cargo secured within Hacis Logistics Centre?
Hacis Logistics Centre, located in SuperTerminal 1, has deployed the strictest security measures to ensure your cargo in safe hands. Around 1,000 CCTVs are in place within the terminal, together with a 24/7 security control centre manned by well-trained professional guards.
What are the charges of Hacis services?
Hacis’ service charge is based on your cargo weight (per kilogramme), turning your fixed investments on warehouse, labour and facilities into variable costs, hence enhancing your competitiveness.

Feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

SuperLink China Direct
What is SuperLink China Direct services?
SuperLink China Direct is an express customs-bonded road feeder services between Hong Kong International Airport and major cities in China, enabling your cargo to reach destinations where your carriers do not fly directly. We will handle your cross-border documents to ensure you a hassle-free delivery experience.
Can Hacis help us forward shipments to areas other than Southern China?
Sure we can help. We can forward your shipments to over 60 cities in China, including Changsha, Wuhan, Chongqing, Beijing and Shanghai, by road or by air.
What are the advantages of using Hacis for transshipment to and from China?
Shipments are transshipped to/from China via Hong Kong by road transport under a Through Airway Bill, providing you with an immediate solution to extend your service network.

Hacis will prepare all cross border documents for your shipments so you don’t have to worry about the Chinese documentation.

Hacis’ trucks are registered with Intermodal Transshipment Facilitation Scheme (ITFS) and Quick Pass Mode (QP), offering non-stop delivery across the borders. The trucks are all equipped with Customs GPS e-seal, guaranteeing the highest cargo security and real-time tracking along transportation.

Can Hacis provide customised logistics solutions for my cargo?
Sure. We are accustomed to handling a wide range of freight types, including temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and odd-sized cargo. We are glad to tailor-make logistic solutions for your project shipments.
Do you have standard schedule for each service? Do you accept ad-hoc orders?
We provide consolidated and scheduled road feeder services connecting Hong Kong and Southern China every day (except weekends and public holidays).

Our service is under the supervision and control of Hong Kong and China Customs and all shipments are transported in consolidated mode, therefore we can only arrange delivery at a schedule approved by Customs.

How can I sign up for Hacis’ SuperLink China Direct service?
Shipment details and documents should be sent to our SuperLink China Direct Service Counter before booking cut-off time (i.e 1500HKT). Upon receipt of your cargo, we will arrange delivery on next working day for general cargo.

Information required for booking:
- Commodity type
- Cargo piece weight and dimensions
- MAWB / HAWB document
- Invoice with correct commercial value of shipment
- Packing list with clear Chinese commodity name (中文品名) and HS code (稅制編碼)
- Shipper and Consignee information, with correct contact no.
- Any other relevant documents (e.g licenses)

SuperLink China Direct Service Counter
Address: RCG04, G/F, South Office Block, SuperTerminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport
Telephone: (852) 2753 1564 / 1565
Fax: (852) 2753 1566

You may also contact us for service details.

Airport Direct
What are Airport Direct import and export services?
Airport Direct services provide on-airport operations support to streamline import and export cargo handling flow to save your more time and resources.

Import wise, we collect your cargo from air cargo terminals, sort them down to House Air Waybill (HAWB) level, and help deliver them to consignees on your behalf. Please click here for more information.

Export wise, we help you process cargo acceptance, consolidation and palletisation until your cargo is safely tendered to air cargo terminals. Please click here for more information.

What are the advantages of using Hacis for these services?
Hacis’ geographically advantageous location ensures your time-critical shipments to be handled with maximum efficiency. You can rest easy by tracking your cargo status with our advanced Hacis E-logistics Management System (HEx) along the supply chain, knowing your cargo will arrive to its destinations safe and sound on time.
Can I enjoy more on-airport support for my cargo?
Sure, we offer facilitation services, such as customs clearance, pallet re-contouring, pre-packed cargo breakdown and vanning & devanning to support your cargo handling within the airport cargo zone. More details please visit here.
Hacis E-Logistics Xystem (HEx)
What are the benefits to be a registered user of Hacis Membership services?
Registered Hacis members enjoy higher efficiency to manage your logistics business.

Key Benefits:
- Integrated inventory information
- Centralised planning and execution of cargo handling operations
- Real-time information updates
- Reduction of paperwork
- Minimizing the risk of human errors

How much is the membership fee?
Hacis customers can join our membership FREE. To sign up for our membership, please click here
How can I change my password for member functions?
You can login HEx and go to Member Functions > Administration > Change Password, to update your login password. For security reason, you are advised to change your password regularly
Is it secure to access HEx on the Internet?
All communication between your browser and our server will be protected by state-of-the-art technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
What can I do if I forget my password?
If you are airline / agent user, please reset your password from here. Otherwise, please contact our support staff by phone at (852) 2753 2962, fax at (852) 2753 2959 or email at

You can also request to re-set password by fill out the form and return to us. A new password will be assigned to you in one working day.