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SuperLink China Direct
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China is the world’s factory and the most important consumer market for high-value products. With a world-class international airport and comprehensive air cargo handling facilities, Hong Kong remains the world’s busiest air cargo hub and a major gateway between China and the rest of the world.

In response to the growing demand for air-road connectivity, Hacis has pioneered SuperLink China Direct® Customs-bonded intermodal service, providing a seamless connection between Hong Kong International Airport and major cities in China.

SuperLink China Direct® provides a hassle-free solution for airlines and freight forwarders to handle and transport a wide range of freight types between global markets and China with only a single Through Air Waybill.

Service Values

We provide solutions that S.E.R.V.E. your requirements:

  • Secure: Customs coverage along transportation upon destination to ensure the highest security.
  • Efficient: Reduce time-to-market in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) with hassle-free documentation requirements and simplified Customs clearance.
  • Reliable: Time-definite departure and arrival times for delivery of cargo by scheduled trucks to a range of destinations in the Pearl River Delta region.
  • Visible: Real-time cargo status monitoring on the HEx platform to enable data visibility and increase efficiency in information exchange.
  • Exceptional: 
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  Import Service  



Road Feeder Services



Offers scheduled and customised services for general and special cargoes to over 60 destinations in China.



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