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HEFC: e-commerce from the heart

Hacis E-commerce Fulfillment Centre (HEFC) is co-located with Hactl at SuperTerminal 1. With its ideal location adjacent to the cargo apron, HEFC serves as a one-stop shop providing full e-commerce solutions – delivering your shipments directly from the heart of the Hong Kong International Airport to your chosen destinations.

HEFC is equipped with accredited facilities for handling a wide range of commodities including, but not limited to, garments, electronics, food and beverages, temperature-controlled products and other special cargos.

HEFC’s comprehensive service portfolio encompasses cargo warehousing, order processing, order picking and packing, documentation and labelling, and last-mile delivery services for both local and overseas customers.

Every item entering HEFC is scanned, and the data stored in the warehouse management system - which can be integrated with any customer’s system, to provide a seamless flow of stock and tracking data.

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