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Road Feeder Services

Hacis SuperLink China Direct® is a unique service offering expedited road feeder service for air cargo, routing via Hong Kong, to connect to China.

Under Intermodal Transshipment Facilitation Scheme (ITFS) in Hong Kong and Quick Pass mode (QP) in China, cargo is transported non-stop between air cargo terminal in Hong Kong and Customs-bonded Inland Cargo Depots (ICDs) in China. All trucks are equipped with Customs GPS E-seal, guaranteeing the highest cargo security and providing real-time shipment status along transportation.

Service Network


We have seven ICDs in Southern China and have expanded our service network into further regions beyond Pearl River Delta (PRD) by re-bond operations.

Our seven ICDs are serving as central collection and distribution centres:

  • Shenzhen Airport
  • Guangzhou Airport
  • Huangpu
  • Dongguan
  • Nansha
  • Xiamen Airport
  • Fuzhou Airport

Re-bond services to more destinations are available, please contact us for details.

Service Scope


Standard Service

We provide daily scheduled service for General Cargo to and from Southern China.

Service details please click here

Special Service

Customised services are available for more cargo types:

  • Tailor Connect for odd-sized and over-weight shipments to southern China.
  • Flexi-Cool Transit for temperature-controlled transshipments including seafood, pharmaceuticals.
  • Transit Prepack Express for full prepacked unit transiting via Hong Kong to Shenzhen Airport.

Facilitation Service

  • FTA Transshipment Solution to handle cross-border Customs liaison, FTA certification and delivery services for transshipment cargo under the Free Trade Agreements signed between China and 13 trading countries, facilitating logisitcs efficiency between the countries.

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